What our customers are saying about us
Bart Wuytens | Manager Physico-Chemistry @ Agfa-Gevaert NV (BE) : “The unique combination of counting and sizing particles, hence obtaining a particle size number distribution from 0.2 to 20 um, and the ability to classify particles on the basis of their optical properties, gives us an unprecedented insight in the nature of our dispersions.”
Robin Klupp Taylor | Professor @ Institute of Particle Technology, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (DE) : “The unique advantages of the Classizer™ ONE are providing us with valuable insight into complex nanoparticle systems where traditional techniques like electron microscopy or dynamic light scattering provide limited information.”
Hubertus Fischer | Professor, Deputy Head of Division Climate and Environmental Physics @ University of Bern (CH) : “We have been using the unique Classizer™ ONE to analyse particles in meltwater of ice cores. One of our scientific interests is how the concentration, size distribution and refractive index of particles may have changed over time scales from seasons to hundreds of thousands of years. Our Classizer™ ONE allows for the analysis of particles smaller than 1 µm in a continuous ice core melt water stream, which has previously not been possible with other particle sizing instruments. This is of particular interest for particle measurements in polar ice cores because high-resolution records in a relevant size range can be obtained. We were impressed by the customer support, which was fast and personalised. EOS does not provide generic answers to issues that might arise but addresses them personally and finds tailored solutions.”
Anna Ramunni | New Applications Research Group Leader @ Industrie De Nora (IT) : “The innovative technology of Classizer™ ONE gives us a complete description of the particle size distribution: it not only distinguishes particles from aggregates, but it also quantitatively differentiates materials in our inks according to their optical properties. EOS delivered a system tailored to our needs, designing an automated sampling tool to study the variations in our inks for several hours and better characterize the shelf life of our materials.”
Andreas Riedinger | Leiter R&D Magnetic Beads @ altona Diagnostics GmbH (DE) : “Thanks to the unique combination of particle counting, sizing and material distinction based on their optical properties, we gain an exceptional understanding of our particles. And all this in a single measurement. We are very satisfied with the technology, hardware, software and technical support.”
Barbara Delmonte | Professor, Climate and Environmental Science @ Università Studi Milano-Bicocca (IT) : “Our scientific interest is focused on mineral dust in meltwater samples from glaciers and snow; EOS Classizer™ ONE allows us to gather the crucial information we need about the intrinsic particle optical properties as well as their concentration, that are needed by radiative transfer models. This information is fundamental to atmospheric climate science and paleoclimate reconstructions aimed at obtaining stratigraphies of atmospheric mineral aerosol in the past.”