EOS Advanced Liquid sample Manager (LMA™) enables the Classizer™ ONE to operate in stable and repeatable conditions. LMA™ reduces operator-dependent issues respect using standard external pumps and occupies only a small space on the table. LMA™ relies on robust syringe pump and a customizable PTFE/borosilicate syringe, and a PTFE four-way valve for waste and cleaning management, plus up to five PEEK/FFKM automatic valves to allow the user to use two separate solvents to flush/rinse the Classizer™ ONE, and to choose whether to send the entire measured sample to drain or recover a large part of it in a vial, and more.

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  • Automatic flow management.
  • High reproducibility.
  • Very high chemical compatibility
  • Improved life of syringe and four-ways valve – always filled with pure liquid
  • Wide range of flow speeds.
  • Customizable washing routines using up to two solvents
  • Possibility of recovering a large part of the sample in a vial
  • Reduces sample waste.
Syringe size 12.5mL (standard)
Sampling mode Fully automatic, no dilution
Wetted surfaces PTFE, PCTFE, PEEK, FFKM, borosilicate glass, Stainless Steel
Sample volume Minimum volume of 3mL
Dimensions 15cm × 26cm × 34cm (W × H × D)
Weight 10 Kg
Power supply 100-240V 50Hz
Operating conditions Temperature: 15-35°C Humidity: 20-80%

Recommended applications: LMA™ is designed to speed-up and standardize operations and to perform repeteable analysis to reduce human errors and for customers that don’t want to lose time and energy in a search for a compatible external pump. Technical details may depend on the system model, configuration, sample and sample preparation.