Classizer™ ONE based on patented key-enabling Single Particle Extinction and Scattering (SPES) technology enables the classification and sizing of particles and impurities in oils and lubricants. It provides high-quality data allowing to distinguish particles of different composition, determine their actual size distributions, monitor the presence of and characterize aggregates and moreover, detect and reject data related to gas micro-bubble and micro-droplets of immiscible fluid eventually present.

As a matter of fact, traditional technologies based on light scattering for particle sizing and counting cannot discriminate scattering signals coming from impurities and scattering signals coming from microbubbles or microdroplet of water. All signals are interpreted as coming from spheres of a same single material. Results present artefacts and it is not possible to define the nature and possible origin of the particulate actually present.

Experimental results confirmed that Classizer™ ONE is able to detect and isolate signals coming from the micro-droplets of water in lubricants. It is possible to focus the analysis on the particulate and solid impurities present in the liquids. A high-value quality control of oils and lubricants is possible.