CLASSIZER™ ONE is the cutting-edge particle analysis platform based on patented Single Particle Extinction and Scattering (SPES) method for the analysis, classification, and counting of particulate mixes for research, tailored particles, dispersions formulation, and quality control in life sciences, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, pigments, inks, cements, abrasives, agrochemicals & environmental sciences.

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  • Optical Classification, Absolute Particle Size Distribution, and Numerical Concentration of each single particle populations irrespectively of polydispersity & composition.
  • Quality Control of optical particle structures as porosity, wetting, aspect ratio, payload, impurities, and shelf-life without intermediate steps (e.g., purification/filtration).
  • Measurement of the particle behavior and the particle formulation stability directly in real heterogeneous non-filtered target biological, industrial, or environmental fluids.
  • Hi-Resolution Continuous Flow Analysis of particles, also coupling SPES information with other analytical devices as UV-Vis, cFFF, small chemical reactors, and pilot line.
  • Statistical approaches as Oversize Measure and PCA for Hi-Quality Batch-2-Batch analysis and out-of-specifics identifications in product formulation and production.

Classizer™ ONE analyses heterogeneous wet products with subvisible/submicron particles in a few minutes. A small aliquot of the sample to be analysed is dispersed or diluted in a filtered solvent and has flowed through the device at a constant flow. Classizer™ ONE analyses particles, emulsions, powders, and microcapsules present in the fluid. Exploiting the unique patented SPES optical scheme, Classizer™ ONE retrieves to user the EOS CLOUDS of the sample in a few minutes guaranteeing precise and unique information. Accurate production design, custom electronics, and industrial-grade components ensure durability, reliability, and robustness.

Classizer™ ONE covers a dynamic range of 0.1 – 20 μm, concentration range of 1E5-1E7 ptc/mL.

Classizer™ ONE works with laminar constant flows in typical range of 0.2-4cc per minute [customizable]. Quartz, PTFE, PFA, and PEEK wetted surfaces and couplings ensure high chemical compatibility.

Classizer™ ONE can be coupled with standard syringe pumps and hi-quality peristaltic pumps for standard R&D activities, as well with automatic wet dispersion units and autosamplers to deliver high measurement throughput and reliability in formulation and Quality Control activities.

Technical details depend on the system model, configuration, sample and sample preparation. Make An Inquiry for further details.