EOS (Effective Optical Systems) has been founded in 2014 with the mission of developing a new generation of patented systems and technological solutions for the analysis of particles in heterogeneous biological, industrial, and environmental fluids.

EOS unique solutions are the game-changers for improving R&D, formulation design, and process quality control of products in key area as life sciences, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pigments, inks, foods, abrasives, agrochemicals, and environmental sciences.

A SPES ahead in particle analysis.

The legal and business headquarters of EOS are located in in Milano, Italy (EOS S.r.l., via Caianello 23, I-20158 Milano (MI), Italy).

In June 2022, EOS approved its Gender Equality Plan. The EOS GEP is structured around five thematic areas: balance between work and private life and organizational culture; gender balance in leadership and decision making; gender equality in recruitment and career progression; integration of the gender dimension in EOS processes; measures against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment. < Read the EOS Gender Equality Plan 2022-2026 >