All-in-one software with dedicated tab for acquisition and analysis offers intuitive solutions for easy-to-use and reliable measurements. Standard operations, add-ons for custom analysis and tailored SOPs are possible, as well as GMP or GLP requirements.

A standard CLASSIZER™ ONE analysis in three steps: a) connect the device, b) load the sample and start the measurement with one click, 3) evaluate the characteristic of the sample thanks to SPES data and EOS data libraries. No calibration is required.


Several internal checks are performed continuously. Warnings and advices are provided to user. Additional controls of the signal quality are performed in real time. Several indicators allow the user to follow the goodness and reliability of the SPES measurement running.

  • All-in-one, simple to use software
  • Customizable, dedicated SOPs available
  • No calibration
  • Robust internal checks
  • Real time monitoring

Comments and operator observations can be added to stored data during both acquisition and analysis. Data are saved continuously limiting data loss and unintentional file overwriting. Compliance with 21 CFR part 11 and device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols are possibile via dedicate software packages. GUI customizations available.

Analysis tab allows the operator to have the sample characteristics at a glance. Moreover, the software provides many ways to perform a thorough analysis and retrieve invaluable information precluded to standard particle sizers and particle counters.

On the 2D histogram, it is possible to select, classify and size any single population in heterogeneous samples. Accordingly, precise number and volume size distributions are shown, as well as refractive index distribution, calculated on the basis of the selected area. Particle size concentration is given for the overall sample and for any selection. Batch-to-batch reliability test and formulations comparison are easily performed.


Default analysis assumes standard dielectric spherical particles. The huge advantage of CLASSIZER™ ONE is the opportunity to load specific data library. Unprecedented added value analyses can be performed for several materials. See Data Analysis Packages for further information.



Multiparametric and statistical 2D EOS CLOUDS analysis


Hi-Performance batch-2-batch quality control via multiparametric SPES Principal Component Analysis

ADVANCE SOFTWARE PACKAGES as Continuous Flow Analysis: thanks to the CFA software package, CLASSIZER™ ONE is the perfect solution for real time monitor of particle concentration is retrieved up to a time resolution of one second. Precise time laps can be selected for in detail offline analysis of particles characteristic and concentration transitions.


CLASSIZER™ ONE is an unprecedented CFA sensor for pilot reactors, Flow Field Fractionation separators and in-line measurement systems.
(in pic: SPES data; in-line detection and analysis of a mix of subvisible PS and PVA microplastics; flow 1ccm; coupled with a commercial Flow Field Fractionation separator and an in-line UV-Vis detector)