Comprehensive analysis, fast development and quality control for all of your standard and colloid micro and nanoparticles.

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Size distribution, composition and encapsulation efficacy of your drug delivery system in one-step analysis.

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Classify and distinguish between gold nano particles with same size but different shape or surface roughness in complex media.

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Obtain a thorough characterization of the components of your cosmetic product. Speed up the R&D and QC processes!

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Analyse and monitor the behaviour of micro and nanoparticles and powders employed as fertilizers and pesticides.

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Analyse dust and mineral particles with an innovative point of view and improve your research on the environmental changes.

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SPES Technology

SPES (Single Particle Extinction and Scattering) is an innovative patented technology for the characterization and development of micro and nano particles in industrial, environmental and biological complex fluids.

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EOS develops enabling instruments and software based on SPES patented technology for the research and development and quality control of novel classes of products based on the use of micro and nanoparticles.

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EOS team is available for providing dedicated support in the research, development and quality control of your innovative products based on micro and nanoparticles in simple and complex fluids.

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