Number concentration

SPES (Single Particle Extinction and Scattering) takes advantage of a single particle measuring approach to retrieve the number concentration of the particles in the sample. Even at low concentrations and in complex media, SPES is capable to deliver the correct information about the particles size distribution, concentration and other parameters, being able to clearly distinguish and exclude signals caused by other objects in the surrounding medium.

Traditional technologies, as the Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), fail at the lowest particle concentration, especially when the data acquired are affected by the presence of other components and particles cannot be distinguished by cells, proteins, and others thus ruling out their employment in the development and quality control of sample.


(in figure) SPES allows to select, measure and count the particles at low concentration in biological, industrial and environmental complex fluids. This capability is of capital importance when a small number of particle has to be monitored regardless the presence of other solid particles in the fluids.

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