EOS consumables make CLASSIZER™ use fast, reliable and easy-to-use.

Cleaning Solutions

EOS cleaning solution removes dirt particles, whilst its high emulsifying and dispersing capabilities prevent the re-deposition of the loosened particles. Special surface-active substances facilitate the residue-free rinsing of the optical components once they have been cleaned. MAKE AN INQUIRY

Syringes, Pipes, Connectors

EOS provides standard and special syringes, replacement tubes of different materials for most of chemical compatibilities and connectors for microfluidics. Everything to run faster and better your CLASSIZER™ ONE. MAKE AN INQUIRY

Particle Standards

CLASSIZER™ ONE provides absolute free calibration measurements of micro and nanoparticle in fluids. For validation and stability certification of the device, as well as for scientific purpose, EOS supplies polystyrene (PS), Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), Poly Lactic-co-Glycolic Acid (PLGA) micro and nanoparticles with certified size, composition, shape and concentration. MAKE AN INQUIRY