CLASSIZER™ ONE is a novel key-enabling device based on the patented SPES technology capable to:

  1. distinguish particles of different composition even in complex complex fluids
  2. determine the actual size distribution of the particles
  3. monitor the presence of and characterize aggregates in micro and nanoparticle suspensions
  4. control the particle stability and wettability
  5. characterize the contaminants and process scraps in fluids

CLASSIZER™ ONE distinguishes between particles and components of complex biological, industrial or environmental fluids, including serum, plasma, blood, etc. It opens new opportunities, such as
i) the characterization of particles in the context where they are supposed to operate
ii) accurate and precise measurements despite the presence of synthesis residues, allowing quality control without intermediate steps such as filtration or purification or dialysis
iii) the detection of gas microbubbles or liquid microdroplets eventually present into the fluids and their rejection from results.

Class 2 installation on request

Operative ambient temperature: +10°C to +30°C

Operative ambient humidity: 30 to 75 RH (at 25°C)

For use in: Pollution Degree 2 Environment

Wetted surface: Quartz, Teflon®/PFA, Norprene®/Viton®, PEEK

In conformity with directives 2014/35/UE, 2014/30/UE and standards EN61010-1, EN61000-4, EN61000-3, EN55011, EN61326-1


CLASSIZER™ ONE state-of-art particle size sensibility depends on particles composition, particle structure and sample preparation: e.g. spheres of 75nm for gold, 100nm for oxide and 200nm for polymer as polystyrene. The upper size limit is actually up to few tens of microns. Micro and nanoparticles are typically measured at a numerical particle concentration up to 107 particles/mL in the flow range of few ccm (customizable). Contact us for further technical information.

CLASSIZER™ ONE represents a key enabling approach for the development and Quality Control of a novel classes of products based on the use of micro and nanoparticles.

CLASSIZER™ ONE reduces process time and increase synthesis yield, providing real-time offline/inline/online analysis on liquid suspensions, dry powder and aerosols as well.