CLASSIZER™ ONE performs multiparametric subvisible/submicron particle analysis via SPES patented technology. CLASSIZER™ ONE is a reliable classification and sizing platform, ideal for product R&D and QC in life sciences, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pigments, inks, foods, agrochemicals & environmental sciences.

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  • Absolute Particle Size Distribution and Numerical Concentration of single populations irrespectively of polydispersity and composition.
  • QC of formulation stability, wetting, payload, impurities, synthesis scraps and shelf-life without intermediate steps (purification/filtration).
  • Measurement of particles behavior directly in the biological, industrial or environmental complex fluids of interest.
  • Hi-Resolution Continuous Flow Analysis of particles coupling with other analytical devices and chemical reactors.

CLASSIZER™ ONE analyses complex wet products with subvisible/submicron particles in a few minutes. A small amount of sample is dispersed in some milliliters of solvent and the system is ready to work. The patented optical scheme guarantees precise, accurate and reliable measurements. Accurate production design, custom electronics and medical grade components ensure durability and robustness.

CLASSIZER™ ONE state-of-art particle size sensibility depends on particles composition, particle structure and sample preparation: e.g. 100nm for metallic spheres and 200nm for dielectric particles. The upper size limit is actually up to 20 microns. Subvisible particles are typically measured at a numerical particle concentration up to 1E7 particles/mL in the flow range 0.5 – 4 ccm (customizable). Contact us for further technical information.

CLASSIZER™ ONE based on SPES technology and CE marked. Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 21501-3 up to 50 μm USP <729> and USP <788> via Add ONs [Y2020].

Unique Patented Optical Layout


Industrial-grade PLC & 7 inches HMI


Custom Hardware Solutions


CLASSIZER™ ONE represents a key enabling approach for the development and Quality Control of a novel classes of products based on the use of subvisible particles.

CLASSIZER™ ONE reduces process time and increase synthesis yield, providing real-time offline/inline/online analysis on liquid suspensions, dry powder and aerosols as well.