CLASSIZER™ ONE provides particle size and refractive index high resolution distributions of standard particles and colloid suspensions in a number of fields such as pharmaceutical, personal care, food, ceramics, paints and pigments.


Characterize colloidal size, refractive index and aspect ratio


Determine the factors influencing colloidal long-term stability and particle aging/degradation

Improve stability

Improve the stability and quality of colloidal formulations


Understand the microstructure of colloidal systems

Optimum product

Ensure optimum product research and development and process

The case of Polystyrene
A polymer that many particle size scientists should be familiar with is polystyrene (PS), which is often used as materials for the preparation of particle size standards. CLASSIZER returns precise and accurate size distributions in sizes ranging from 200 nanometer to 20 micron.

(in figure) SPES high-resolution characterization of polydispesed PS particles.