Metallic as silver and gold micro- or nanoparticles are suspensions of sub-micron / micron sized particles typically dispersed in aqueous solution. The suspension color changes as the particle changes sizes, shape or surface roughness due to the surface plasmon, which ultimately modifies the effective refractive index of the particles.

In the last few years, metallic particles, as silver and gold nanoparticles, have become of great interest for researchers in many fields thanks to their unique physical and optical properties, and are especially investigated for pharmacological and life science applications as a vehicle for drugs and genes. The nanoparticle surface is commonly coated with various payloads such as small drug molecules, proteins, DNA, etc.

CLASSIZER™ ONE is capable to discriminate all these little modifications on the metallic nanoparticles surface. This allow our customer to classify e.g. silver and gold nanoparticle and measure their characteristics in terms of size and shape or surface roughness, in aqueous solution as well as in complex biological fluids (serum, humor, blood, etc.). CLASSIZER™ ONE will provide a thorough characterization of gold and silver nanoparticles samples with just a few minutes of analysis, without additional expensive characterization.

The case of gold nanoparticle with same size but different shape

(in figure) Gold spheres and stars present very specific distribution on the 2D histogram, thus allowing CLASSIZER to easily recognize and classify them.