EOS (Effective Optical Systems) develops systems and technological solutions based on the patented SPES (Single Particle Extinction & Scattering) technology and specific algorithms for the characterization and design of products based on micro and nanoparticles and medical diagnosis in biological, industrial and environmental complex fluids.

EOS provides technology transfer services and solutions aiming at becoming a key player for the R&D and QC of micro and nanoparticles in the global PAM.

EOS S.r.l. has been founded in July 2014 and it is defined as “startup innovativa” according to the Italian Law Nr.21/2012. The scientific partners have outstanding international experience in the field of optics, in the characterization of complex suspensions and in micro and nanotechnologies.

The headquarters of EOS are presently located at Fondazione Filarete business accelerator (EOS S.r.l., viale Ortles 22/4, I-20139 Milano (Mi), Italy).

EOS technology boosts real innovation and enables products development and an effective processes quality control. Hence our motto “We Empower Your Powder”.

EOS team


Dr. Tiziano Sanvito

Sole Administrator, co-founder

has participated in the development of the SPES technology since its initial stage, carrying out the characterization of the components, developing dedicated data analysis methods and writing ad-hoc software algorithms. In 2015 he attended an advanced training course at the Dept. of Pharmacological Science of the University of Milan (IT) on intellectual property, patent right and patent application. In 2013 he achieved the Ph.D in Physics at the University of Milan (IT) developing new optical technologies for the characterization of micro and nanoparticles in the field of colloidal physics and industrial processes. He is author of 17 scientific papers and one PCT patent.

Dr. Claudia Cella

Chemist and Particles R&D

received her Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology from University of Pavia in 2008 and the PhD in Medical Nanotechnology at the European School of Molecular Medicine in Milan in 2016. She has particular interest in polymeric micro and nanoparticles synthesis/characterization, especially for drug and gene delivery, as well as investigation of the interaction between nanoparticles and complex medium.


Ing. Giacomo Milan

Data Scientist

received his Master’s degree in Mathemathical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 2017. He is expert in the development of mathematical and computational models for data analysis. He has expertise in mathematics, computational methods, statistics, big data and data mining methods.

Marco Pallavera

R&D Engineer

received his Master’s degree in physics in 2018 in optical technologies. He has expertise in optoelectronics, analogic electronics, software and systems integration for metrology applications.

Team 07 Pallavera

Dr. Bruno Paroli

External R&D Engineer

achieved the Ph.D in Physics at the University of Milan (IT) working in several activities (electronics, optical instrumentation, electron plasma confinement, manipulation and beam transport). He has more than 18ys experience in electronics (analog and digital), automation and robotics and more than 7ys in optical instrumentation, X-ray diagnostics, numerical modelling and simulation of electromagnetic radiation.



Dr. Marco A.C. Potenza

R&D Supervisor, co-founder

is a researcher at the Dept of Physics of the University of Milan. He devised the SPES technology and participated in most of its development stages, currently contributes actively to its development. His research focuses on statistical optics, light scattering, image analysis for metrological applications. Published more than 50 scientific papers, 5 patents and he has experience in technology transfer. More than 10ys experience as ESA consultant for development of new optical instruments.


Prof. Paolo Milani

Scientific Advisory coordinator, co-founder

is a full Professor at the Dept. of Physics of the University of Milan. His research focuses on nanostructured materials for biotechnology and nanomedicine. He is the director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces. Published more than 180 papers, he received the “U. Campisano” award and the “L. Tartufari” Prize. He holds thirteen patents and he is co-founder of three start-ups in high biotechnological fields.


Dr. Mario Salmona

Scientific Advisor

is an expert in biochemistry, biophysics and pharmacology. He obtained his doctorate degree in biochemistry and food technology from the University of Milan in 1971 and post-doctoral period in 1975 in the Department of Biology of the Weizmann Institute of Science under the mentorship of Professor Meir Shnitzky. Since 1997 he is the Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at the Mario Negri Institute and has held the position of Dean of the School of Advanced Pharmacology. Since 2003 he is a member of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, an EU technical consultant for prion diseases and has been a member of numerous national and international scientific reviewing panels. More than 260 articles on peer reviewed scientific journals.

Markus Venzin -Picture

Prof. Markus Venzin

Business Strategy Advisor

is an expert on growth strategies with a focus on innovation and corporate entrepreneurship. He has supported CEOs and senior executives from a variety of industries to design and execute corporate as well as business strategy. Born and raised in Switzerland, but living for over 20 years in Italy, he combines the structure and process competence needed to manage complex business development programs with the creativity and flexibility needed to create new ideas. In his position as Full Professor of Global Strategy at the Management and Technology Department of Bocconi University he has learned to be rigorous. In his long experience as management consultant, speaker and entrepreneur, Markus has learned to apply research results to business issues.